Thursday, January 31, 2008


Family is such a blessing. It's always fun to see my family arriving here in CT. My parents drove up from NJ today, and made certain to hit every traffic accident on their way up, so they could fully enjoy the trip. A kind of rolling DOT clean up crew inspection is a family tradition. What was nice, was that we spent dinner together and Ryan (although so overtired, he was passing out -- see the lump?) tried to convince us he was ready for a walk in the woods with grandpa. :)

Of course there is the specter of Connor's birthday looming in the distance. The house is clean, and the beds are ready for children and guests. And we're all tired. We're all looking forward to seeing everyone, but I still feel the need to look for some luck... I asked our lucky cat for a boost this evening when I saw everyone exhausted. There is pasta and chicken to cook while I'm gone at work tomorrow, so I'm glad my parents will be around to help. Maybe I should take that cat to work and pray for fewer night meetings.

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