Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You didn't want that room did you?

How the hell do you organize 3000 toys? You don't, because the second you put them away, some height-challenged individual comes by and feels the need to relocate them to a new pile in the living room. I know that this ends, and soon enough I'll be fending off the requests for ultra-violent gangster shoot-um-up games for play station, X-Box, Wii or whatever is in vogue in 3 years. Until then I'll be shoveling out a family room, eat-in kitchen and the ever-present random vehicular calamities around the house.
I need to finish up the basement and send these toys down to suffer under the oppression of unsupervised play in the new play room. It's really nothing personal... simply an act of self preservation. I'm sure it's explained in a much more gentle way in Lise's Feng Shui book. But then again, I'm the one wallowing in toys, not the single author, living in her 1000 square foot Manhattan loft. :)

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Em & Tim said...

Right after you dislodge that small wheel from the bottom of your foot, can you tell me how to make a website a hyperlink in my new post? thanks blogging master...