Thursday, January 31, 2008


Family is such a blessing. It's always fun to see my family arriving here in CT. My parents drove up from NJ today, and made certain to hit every traffic accident on their way up, so they could fully enjoy the trip. A kind of rolling DOT clean up crew inspection is a family tradition. What was nice, was that we spent dinner together and Ryan (although so overtired, he was passing out -- see the lump?) tried to convince us he was ready for a walk in the woods with grandpa. :)

Of course there is the specter of Connor's birthday looming in the distance. The house is clean, and the beds are ready for children and guests. And we're all tired. We're all looking forward to seeing everyone, but I still feel the need to look for some luck... I asked our lucky cat for a boost this evening when I saw everyone exhausted. There is pasta and chicken to cook while I'm gone at work tomorrow, so I'm glad my parents will be around to help. Maybe I should take that cat to work and pray for fewer night meetings.

Company Dinner

Last night my company had it’s quarterly division meeting. It was typical in just about every way, but it did interrupt my ability to post last night. The usual food, slide show, and goals highlighted the gala event. Afterwards we spent some time at the water street cafe in Stonington. It's always fun to go out with colleagues. They typically let their guard down during these events and there is always an HR breach someplace. Luckily, I wasn’t witness to any, but based on the "conservation of personality rule", I'm certain it did. (I’ll explain the conservation of personality another time, but one of it’s tenets is that “there’s always one of those people in a crowd”. Fill in your “those people-types here”)

As for my late posting, I did state that it wasn’t possible for me to be 100% on a daily basis (for you purists) however I did take a photo to fill the void the day before... which meets my own type-B blogging satisfaction... so nah.

Tonight my parents arrive in preparations for Connor's birthday party. It will be late, and I don’t expect to post a shot of them arriving, but if they get there before I turn into a pumpkin, I'll be waiting at he door ready to reveal their exhausted faces :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

petit poulet

Lise's Mom has always referred to children as la petit poulet (little chicks) in describing the way she would see a parent (usually Mom) walking through a store or down the street with her "little chicks" following close behind. I always loved this description. It is common picture no matter where you are from and I think a fine metaphor. This metaphor has, however, not only moved into my house with the arrival of my two boys, but is now mixing with the decor.

I recently pointed it out to Lise (but this seems to escape her) that there MIGHT be a little birdie theme unfolding in our living room / dining room / foyer / kitchen. :) I don't mind it one bit, but I think it's very cute how it comes so naturally to her, without any conscience inspiration of a theme. It seems that we mostly like tiny finches or doves which spark a memory for my wife of her father. Lise's Dad used to make bird houses and stick them on the back of their garage where he could watch the new babies grow as the cat circled the base, hoping for a bird to miss it's first flight. (Meneau used to spend a little indoor time, during such events)
Next time you visit, take a look in the corners of the room and at the light in the entryway, or on the tables or stuck to the side of the fridge. You might find one of Lise's friends perched there to say hello to you.

À bientôt

Monday, January 28, 2008

Where'd Mercury go?

If you know about mercury retrograde then you may know it started today and like any good astrologer might predict, communications were all screwed up. I wont go into the gory details, but let's just say I'll be stunned if this posts without a problem. :) I thought that since this event only happens quarterly, (or so) that I'd send a moment pausing to look at the stars and then I caught a little inspiration.

I have to admit, I love doing shots of the trees against the night sky. I wish I had an expansive wide angle lens to grab every bit of light possible. Tonight was beautiful and freaking cold. I went out after the boys went down and grabbed a bunch of shots. Only a few were in focus and it has sparked a competitive thing in me to get a bunch of crazy good night photos. :) On these cold nights the stars are so beautiful.

This weekend we'll be celebrating Connor's 3rd birthday. He has no real idea what's coming his way in terms of attention and presents and the coveted cake. I will venture to say that after this one, he wont forget. But being mercury retrograde, he might interpret it as some other event like when grandparents stay over, and then hound us for cake every time we see anyone over 50. :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I think that we can find beauty in just about anything. I have even seen pictures of dissected corpses that were wonderful and beautiful. Where we live isn't anywhere near shocking or surprising as the aforementioned exhibit, but it's beauty isn't always so obvious to someone driving down route one to the Stop and Shop for cheap gas. I had a chance to go down to the water today and I took the opportunity to take a few snaps to show you what I'm talking about.


So I'm thinking about doing a little picture tour around here and getting the nature trails and some of the other towns nearby. At least it will be a good way to see the rest of the area. :) Let me know if you like them, I always like some good feedback.

When Lise and I first moved here, we spent many days driving around back streets looking for hidden views and great marshy expanses. As you can see, we weren't disappointed. As for Lise, she has always lived by the water and I think it was a homecoming for her. It makes me happy to see her thriving here and I would be lying if I told you I wasn't enjoying it myself.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snip snip

HAIRCUTS! Today was a fun day with the boys. Lise had a class and after a trip to the flamingo place, I took the monkeys for a haircut. The lady there was very nice and told me that somehow she was becoming the kiddie hair cutter. :) Connor wasn't really a huge fan of the whole thing, but really liked the fact that we were doing something other than TV, playing in the yard, or dragging them around from store to store to torture people with my cooped-up children.

Ryan actually went first and made faces though the entire event. It looked like someone was sawing him in half for most of the time, and the rest of the time he squinted and said he had hair in his eyes. Who knew I had such a Drama-Lama? Then it was my turn. The nice lady cut my hair while the boys sat in a chair and had lollipops. Ryan let her know that he loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and MJ, our hairdresser offered to give us her collection. (Boy, wont Lise be happy... more STUFF) My haircut went without incident, until I went to pay the bill. It seems that one of the regular customers is a HUGE baker and brings in goodies for the ladies at "Hair We Are". This week, she brought in these fantastic peanut butter / chocolate squares. So, I played the King's taster to make sure the boys would not be poisoned, and once I had determined it was safe, I gave the boys some. Ryan has proven himself a fan.

Tomorrow I'm going to take some photos of my town. I have said so often how beautiful it is here, but I've been remiss in documenting it. And who knows... If the baker is coming back to the hair cutting place, maybe I'll get a little more off the top.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I am not easy to live with. I like stuff and I was brought up by people that like stuff too. My Dad kept pieces of wood in the garage, tools he was given by other people that he MAY need one day, and a parts of anything that was foolish enough to shed a screw, plastic washer or molded part. My mother has a deep seeded fear of shredded paper or throwing away anything with her name on it. This proclivity to hoard anything that may be used at tax time has lead me to keep every email I receive or send. (I have back to 1996 on CD Roms). I see it in my brother and sister, and while all fight the urge, it usually takes a move or an angry spouse for us to shed the skin of our previous experiences and let them go.

Lise has been "uncluttering" for about 2 weeks now. She helped me empty my storage space when I was homeless and has kept me from collecting junk since then. I am relieved that I have her asking me stuff like "do you really need that, or just feel bad about throwing it out?". Ouch. Anyway, I love being organized and hate organizing things, which makes me a big pain in the butt. I'd rather keep things in order, but when they do break down, it takes serious effort on my part to find the motivation to resolve it. I wish I knew why it was, maybe it's the throwing out part, or the tough decision making (the throwing out kind) that makes me squirm. I don't get any real joy from the fact that it's completed, but I try not to mess it up again. Needless to say.... I'm really happy that we're cleaning things up, but wishing it was already done.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Ok... So it's been one of those high volume work weeks, where I seem to be checking off tasks but ending up far behind. Grr. I have plate full of easy stuff to get done.. but my pate runneth over. A perfect example was tonight, when I got home, I had to help Ryan out with a little project in his room, but I was missing a screw. (yes, a loose screw... go ahead.. comment away) I had some documents I needed to sign and send out, but the scanner/printer was off and moved away from Connor, the copy master, and my keyboard needed new batteries. They are all things that just took a little more time than I planned, and when added up, take away from when I can call it a day. I should create a huge Risk log and run my life by it. (end grumping)

Anyway... to feel better I took a chocolate (85% Coco) pill and a cup of decaf coffee and then took a break long enough to appreciate the moon. The lunar rays cleared my aching head and I donned my tinfoil hat and went back to work, signing, scanning, typing and checking lists. :) I know my mental howling really wasn't much of a brake, but knowing the moon is still there right now, peering over my shoulder as I type this out gives me the reminder to relax a bit and find the rhythm of my own pilgrimage to bed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I think the clock is slow

It seems to me that everything I see and do lately has affinity with growth or change. I love how dramatic change makes us feel that what we are doing has value or meaning. (mmm...instant gratification) I will forever be amazed at people like Lise, who can create something from nothing, additionally, I think it's extraordinary how she is able to see the possibilities of what could be latent in things that already exist, but waiting for it is excruciating. We're taught that "slow and steady wins the race", but it's a hard course, when you want instant results. In a fast food world, flowers grow too slowly, process changes at work roll out at a snails pace, losing weight takes too long to put your mind to and home projects never seem to end. Everything seems so insurmountable at times.

In the midst of all this lethargic passage, the children seem to shoot up like weeds and weeks and months melt away in an expeditious precession. While lamenting about how things require so much effort to change the course, the days quickly wend. I am reminded on the days that lethargically go that these moments are actually fleeting at the same time. Like the way waiting 10 more minutes for good friends to arrive feels like an eternity, and how their visits pass all too quickly or waiting for flowers to bloom takes forever, but once they have flowered, they hastily retreat.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You didn't want that room did you?

How the hell do you organize 3000 toys? You don't, because the second you put them away, some height-challenged individual comes by and feels the need to relocate them to a new pile in the living room. I know that this ends, and soon enough I'll be fending off the requests for ultra-violent gangster shoot-um-up games for play station, X-Box, Wii or whatever is in vogue in 3 years. Until then I'll be shoveling out a family room, eat-in kitchen and the ever-present random vehicular calamities around the house.
I need to finish up the basement and send these toys down to suffer under the oppression of unsupervised play in the new play room. It's really nothing personal... simply an act of self preservation. I'm sure it's explained in a much more gentle way in Lise's Feng Shui book. But then again, I'm the one wallowing in toys, not the single author, living in her 1000 square foot Manhattan loft. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

August 28, 1963

(WARNING - SOAP BOX RANTINGS) Today is MLK day and I thought it would only fitting to take this picture. In August of 1963, standing in front of the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC would have been a historic moment. Standing along side of the then unpopular man who's words caused a minor ripple in the every day news stream that day, but would echo in that mall from that day forward. At the time, Mr King was trying to open doors for not only the black man of America, but also strike a harmony with all men in this melting pot. I am personally amazed by the fact that I have heard this speech about 100 times, and yet I could not quote much from it this morning without looking it up, and yet what Mr King tried to persuade the listener to do seems so ideologically common sense in today's world. You'd think the simple message of equality would roll off your tongue easily. If you read it closely though, you'll find that having a woman and an African American running for president, and the self assurances that things are better wasn't enough. Mr King's words are searching for more than a separate but equal world, but one without the artificial barriers of skin color, religion (including Muslim) and gender masking who we are. It's a quick read , but worth a reminder of how far we have come, and how far there still is to go. (end soap box stomp.. now back to my self indulgent mundane rantings)

In our house today, we felt the intense urge to line up cars in the living room. This parade of trucks took a solid 20 minutes to construct and I'm sure will take a week to fully disassemble. Ryan started by bringing in 4 trucks and Connor a few cars... within minutes I was directing traffic and trying to limit the influx of vehicles into my family room. Remember when I mentioned the craziest things we parents find ourselves saying? Today mine was "I told you guys ... No Boats in the living room, only trucks and cars!". *Sigh* Anyway... our parade ended with bodies and trucks littering my family room without a clean up crew in sight. Later in the day, Connor could be heard singing the clean up song as he relocated a tiny portion of the multi-car pile up, but he soon changed his tune and went off to direct Ryan's activities in the other room. Without a superhero in sight today, it's going to be up to us mere mortals to clean up the mess .

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Squareless wonder and S.D.P.

Connor's Room is done... Phew. I started at 9 and finished at 5.. not a bad day in all . Aside from dealing with a slightly out of whack, and in no way square room, I did pretty good. Whatever the guy was taking that made him think that what he was doing was OK when he built that room, was at least prescription strength, if not illegal. To get anything done, I chose 2 arbitrary points that seemed to line up with both the radiator and the threshold for the main doorway, snapped a line and measured off of there, and had some pretty good results. I ignored the door to the attic, cause it looked bad. I noticed how out of whack I was when I got to it. Almost an inch over 3 feet. When I finally got to the opening I was frazzled. I had to check every thing 3 and 4 times... My measurements were consistent, but that door was neither plumb or square. It took me a while to just get myself not to adjust things. I took a picture to show you (click on it to get a good view), so you 'd know I didn't lie. I should have pulled the draft blocker out, but you get the gist. What was funny, was when I came to the main door, I was almost perfectly square with it... which was nice, but the back wall was off.. Thank the lord for baseboard. Anyway, once my sins are hidden, I'm sure folks will not even notice... unless they venture into the attic stairs. :D

While I was building, Connor and Ryan were coming in to see my progress and commenting on things. At breakfast, Ryan and Connor had waffles, and while I was whining to Lise about my Trapezoidal room, Connor took off and decided that he needed a hat. He took our snowman hat and began to eat breakfast. At some point or other, he threw on some beads to adorn himself completely. I missed the beads, but I snapped this picture and thought how much the two of them reminded me of so many rap artists that I've seen in the last 10 years. I haven't thought of a band name, but I think Ryan could go as "Da Bat" Connor could easily go under the street name of "Snoop Droopy Pants".

Goodnight Homie.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Carpenter without a Square

In my current position at Pfizer, I carry a company issued laptop. I have no real office to speak of, so I take my laptop home just about every night. On some rare (usually sleepless) occasions, I forget my laptop and have to come home to get it. VERY frustrating.. and with my blackberry in hand, I can sometimes manage without it. I believe this is what happened to the carpenter that built Connor's room. Only he left his square at home. It's a nice room, but I swear that the walls were installed by a carpenter without a square. This morning after a visit to the flamingo place, Ryan and I started to install the hardwoods in Connor's room. I was going to build off the doorway, because I didn't want the entryway to not match with the flooring in the room. Then I found that I was up against the craziest doorway there ever was. The transition strip was cut funky and then when I investigated more... I found the wall was out of square. So I went to the far side and found out that was the same (thank the saints for Lasers... or I would have found out the painful way.) Anyway.. After snapping lines, measuring... snapping more lines and then realizing that the closet was built just as wacky... I got to work

Ick. It took me most of the morning to get the first run in. I also determined that they were going to run the heat through some hole in the floor that they never used or capped... Closing them up, left the room about 5 degrees warmer and made me happy that I was producing some positive change in my manic drive to install the floors. I know we all make mistakes, but JEEZ, who the hell was this guy and what drugs was he on? Anyway all this reminded me of something my brother in law says: "Looks like this was installed on a Friday." I wonder what he'd say if he was here today.. Probably that is wasn't as bad as other rooms he's dealt with and oh yeah: "It looks fine to me. As long as I can't see it from my house."

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Damnedest Things...

One of my favorite things about my friend Andy's Blog is the quotes he drops up there from his kid. They are always funny. My favorite thing Ryan has said lately was when I asked him where he thought he got his name from. He replied the way a 16 year old might when you ask him where he put the car: "Daaad... don't be silly, it was on the basket" I sat for a minute and asked "What basket?" Ryan's eyes rolled and he stared at me like I was a complete idiot. "THE BASKET, Dad... you know ... the one I came in at the hospital." :) Just last night I told him that if he didn't get into bed, I was gonna shove him back in the basket he came in. to which Ryan retorted "My-CULLLL!... I ate too much and I'm too fat, and they don't take BIG KIDS BACK!... Do they, Mom?"

It's true that Kids say the darnedest things, but I think it's more amazing what you say. "STOP LICKING YOUR BROTHER!", "No eating out of the garbage!", "Stop licking the fireplace (hearth)!", "You're doing a good job, but you need to use toilet paper to wipe with, not paper towels." , "This is the last time I'm going to tell you to STOP LICKING THINGS!", seem to make sense to me in a way that I couldn't fathom 5 years ago. Then again, if you had asked me 5 years ago if I'd be saying goodnight to a stuffed monkey every night... I would have probably told you that you were crazy.
Goodnight George

Thursday, January 17, 2008


One of the things I decided that I would not do on this Blog is spend any real time talking about work. While it's not the only reason not to, I have read several instances where people have lost their jobs, especially people who are foolish enough to criticize co-workers and stakeholders. It is also pretty boring to talk about what really goes on at work, and one always has to resist the urge to embellish the truth to entertain the reader. The problem then is that I spend about 10 hours or more away from home working. If it's such a big part of my life why not talk about it? Well... 'cause it's a good way to end up spending those 10 hours at home. :) I'll be brief.
It's the beginning of the year and this is a big time for my team. I am transitioning from my current role to a new one, and getting back to the job I was hired to do. That and taking care of things at home has been a real challenge. I also made a promise to myself that I'd do two things for myself every day. One picture with a blog entry and work out. I've been good, but not great at these and I'm doing my best to get this in before I pass out, so I can get back up at 5 and work out. I'm tired, but I am resolved to do this... Even if it kills you to read it. :)
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don King

While I expect that I wouldn't want the life of Don King, I enjoyed Howard Stern's interview with him today. I guess the most impressive part is his ability to make just about any statement into an impressive factoid about himself, or a compliment to the interviewer. It's so transparent, which, in a way, is a part of his charm. I find this to be an interesting trait, to complimentarly run roughshod over anyone and still be liked. Either the boxers he promotes are extremely gullible, or he's able to sound sincere when not in "Marketing Mode" (I wont venture a guess until I can hold my own against Mike Tyson... so don't hold your breath) Either way, I can see why he's so controversial.

He was asked at some point, how much he was sued, to which he replied "I don't really know." This led me to look up the number. Wiki shows about $845MM, of which he's paid out $109.5M... Even with all that, when asked about being sued for $385M he said how happy and impressed he was that people think he had that much money. He went on to say that after the Jury sided with him, he took them on a trip to go fishing in Bermuda. Win money from me at penny poker and I'm busted up. I'm gonna have to ask Ant how to get Zen with that. :)

Anyway, while I think the man might be the devil himself, I still am impressed by how he keeps his composure. I wonder how he might do if he had to do the interview dressed like spiderman. I don't think it would have changed a thing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Late night...

Hi. My Name is Mike and I am a Coffee-aholic. I started with the usual street carts and church receptions but soon I was importing my own high end Colombian blend at the young age of 18. Now I get it roasted and delivered in little white baggies that I hide in the freezer. I've tried a few times to quit, but never for more than a few months. I've stooped as low as having 5 cups of decaf to maintain my caffeine high. Tonight I have too much to do ... I have to get some work done for 8am, with some more due at noon. Time to buckle in and get to business. Coffee-driven cut and paste and graphical representations of project metrics.
Just a note about my impending weekend before I fade off. Lise noticed tonight that I will be off on Monday for MLK. SOOO she wants me to help her organize the office... and put hardwood floors in Connor's room. Work calling me.... See you in the AM.

Monday, January 14, 2008

?Transvestite snow...umm...person?

OK.. Sooooo this IS a snow... umm person. :) We had enough snow to throw the state of CT into an uproar and most things were closed up. I took the opportunity to work from home and got alot of things done that I usually get interrupted on. Since people had to call me, instead of just popping by my office, I was able to get a little rhythm going. Lise and Ryan and Connor went out to enjoy the freshly fallen (and very wet) snow. As I was on a con call, I watched the three of them dress this pile of snow and grass into what you see here. Lise donated her best Tiara, of course. (I have to tease Lise about this, only because she's so proud, and I had to admit, the creative touches beat mine, by a mile.)

I miss not being home with them on most days... even to be able to be in the house and see them enjoying the outdoors is one of my guilty pleasures. I'm not saying that I'd like to work from home all the time. It is stressful in a different way, and you tend to work well past 5pm. It's just that I love watching them grow up and also... it's just plain frightening to come home, and have this waiting for you at the end of the walkway when you're not expecting it. :)

Sweet Dreams.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning

It's like spring this week at my house. (even though we're supposed to get 8" of snow tomorrow) We were given some paper whites from Nancy and Lise has been starting them in the kitchen and they are growing like weeds. I spent a good portion of the day working on cleaning the garage. It has been my work area while I've been putting in floors in the Master and Ryan's bedrooms, and it was a mess! Lise has been reading a book called "Clear your Life of Clutter using Feng Shui". Ever since then, we've been purging and it's starting to pick up momentum. A friend of mine even took the extra dryer I had!! We got rid of a few pieces of furniture that don't fit us anymore and also have been looking at ways to organize our lives better.

As for the rest of the house... I have two rooms to go to get the hardwoods in... and my office is last. Next stop Connor's room. My only hope is that the smoke detectors don't get all crabby when I finish his room. I don't need another all nighter.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Knight Who's Armor Didn't Squeek

It feels almost impossible that last night I posted my blog at this computer. Jeeze... And in between I drove to New Jersey, celebrated a 5 year old's birthday twice and probably had more conversation with everyone there than I did at Christmas time and then drove back. We arrived late last night and the kids jumped into bed and woke up early to make coffee with Grandpa. Yes, once again... on a day off I got to see the sunrise. I figured that since this was the last morning that we'd see above 32 degrees for a while, that we'd take a walk and enjoy the lake. I do forget how beautiful it is there in the mornings. Then off to a crazy 5 year-olds inflatable party. Ryan and Connor had a blast and then came back to a tough nap. After a 45 Min snooze, we headed up to Lisa's house for another 4 hour party.

During the second party, Ryan latched on to an 8 year old girl named Madison. He had met her before, but tonight she was dressed as a princess and he was a knight. They hid in a closet for a bit... I jumped in to scare them and Ryan the brave jumped to her defense. Later on, I asked Ryan if he liked her... then told me: "She's cute and all, but I don't want to tell you that, cause you might tease me." I didn't.
See all Kayla's birthday pictures

We got dressed in jammies and then headed back to CT. I turned off the movies and we had quiet time, until Connor broke into song (Frosty, the Snowman, of course) and after an hour of that, I put on baby Einstein. Ryan passed out, and Connor stayed awake (quietly though) for the rest of the ride.

Tomorrow, Lise is thinking of seeing her Mom, and we MAY go to the Flamingo Place. Right now, it's late, and my princess is already asleep, so I'm going to hop into my shining armor pajamas and go to bed.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Was I dreaming that?

Last night I had a dream that my neighbor was sleepwalking in my house. In the dream, I "woke up" and saw my neighbor in the doorway to the master bath. My right arm was very heavy and I couldn't get up. When I finally did, she looked like someone from a cartoon. Arms straight out, eyes closed and mumbling and snoring. I directed her to the couch on the first floor. When I turned my back to her, she "jumped" outside and her mother was walking her home. That's when I noticed she had trashed the house and it made sense to me at that time that she must have been looking for the pillows.

I then returned to bed (in my dream) and realized the front door had been left open. I kept hearing the door squeeking in the wind every 30 seconds or so. I then woke up to a chirping smoke dectector. Then Ryan woke up. I hate my smoke dectectors.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today I read my brother's blog about his own self journey. I was inspired to think about my own journey a bit and the areas that I know I need to work on. Maturity is an area where I know I could definitely improve. For example, about a month ago, a neighbor came to me and asked where Lise got "those", pointing to the kissing balls we had hung the day before. "They are the nicest on the street. " I agreed, but in my head, I was struggling with my own internal 16 year-old who wanted to say, "You're right, I do have the best balls on the street." I can't deny that I like Howard Stern, Bevis and Butthead and probably worst of all, I enjoy a raunchy joke anytime. My Dad would say that I am well aligned with the lowest cast in society and as a 36 year old who laughs with his two boys at farts and "poo poo" jokes, I can't disagree too whole heartedly. I blame my minister mother for this, somehow. I mean, I was brought up by a woman who can always find a joke ready at a funeral or break the tension in a fight with a wise crack. (to the church: please don't defrock her... she a nice lady all the other times) OK.. I own it... I'm immature. My only defense is that it's my own defense mechanism for all the insanity I see every day.

As for maturing, I know that this is the heart of my dilemma. Do I embrace it? I think I'd miss it. Anyway, there are a lot of people that have and are all serious all the time... don't we need a 60 year old that tells grandchildren off color jokes and hides fake cockroaches in his wife's sleeping bag. Sounds a lot more fun than being a CEO of a major corporation to me.... Unless I could dress like Spiderman at work... then I'd rethink my position.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another look

As a part of my resolve to take a picture once a day for an entire year, I am suffering from some serious "fear of photographer's block" and I have to admit, I love being in this position. I know that I wont be able to post a picture every day, but I fully intend to take the image and post a bunch at once if travel or other things in life come to play. That being said, along with the reality that I'm going to have to take a photo in the morning or when I get home from work (cameras are not allowed in my building), I am wondering when I'm totally going to run out of ideas and start have to dig deep for an interesting image. Getting a picture of Ryan or Connor every day would be fun if I was trying to document their growth, and I might do that one day. So the other part of this, is trying to keep my posts somewhat interesting, and relevant to my life. What would you do? Where do I start? I know that a blog about what goes on in my house is a great way to connect with my friends and family in a way that I can't do any given day.The way schedules are and life being what it is, that's fabulous. Coming up with an image that says something about it...that's interteresting... that's difficult. Drawing insperation daily will be a heck of a challenge.

Ok, that's enough ... A Marie update for those of you interested in her prison sentence at the nursing home. While she isn't feeling the best, we believe the quarantine at her unit should end tomorrow and we look forward to liberating her, when she can tolerate a nice fish dinner. I'm sure she'll jump at the chance.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeling all powerful?

Ever feel like you would have to be a superhero to get everything done? This morning I had that feeling. Part of it was self inflicted, part of it was divine influence. :) Ryan and Connor both have head colds, but Ryan woke up barking like a seal and we determined visit to the doctor was in order. Meanwhile, Connor pretty much hasn't fallen asleep before 9pm (unless he hasn't had a nap) in about a week. Both are super overtired... but sleep is enemy and must be resisted at all costs. :)
So now I have two overtired, sick kids, and we have a meeting with Connor's speech people to see if he qualifies for additional services (post 3 yrs old), a Dr's visit to fit in and on top of everything, I forgot my power supply for my laptop for work (oops, there's the self infliction) and all needs to be taken care of between 9:30am and noon. ANYWAY... Lise and I are about to run out the door in different directions to take care of our errands and we find out that Marie fell, and broke her glasses (and her unit is locked down due to an outbreak of the norwalk virus -- eek-- it's enough to make your head explode). Seriously, I know... it's just how life is, and other folks have it much worse than I, but this blog is about my self indulgent blatherings (see the title), so deal... So it all got done and no one was seriously sick, injured, or excluded from services or fired, but in the midst of it all, as I barreled down the highway at 65MPH, on my way to the Pharmacy with Batman and Robin in tow, I thought... "If I was the Flash, I'd be done by now.", and then I thought "If I WAS the Flash... I'd have other problems... better count my blessings."


Monday, January 7, 2008

FOOD... (the enemy)

What diet have you been on? I know that I have been on the south beach diet and the don't eat like a pig every waking moment diet. My kids are on the don't eat what anyone gives you diet. This one sucks and seems to the diet of 3 year-olds everywhere. This combined with the I hate sleep diet and the I want to eat garbage at snack time diet is enough to drive a parent to a liquid diet. True, we can get in nuggets and fries and the occasional meat pie (when Connor sees anyone else eating it) but it's amazing that they grow at all with what they put in there. I guess the hard part is, they get to eat anything in the whole world and they only like deep fried, ketchup covered or sweet foods. This is fine calorically, but they can pretty much have anything they want, and to choose chicken nuggets over a steak seems somehow inhuman.

I once read an article about a little girl who got stuck in her house when her father died and was left to her own devices for 2 weeks. She very quickly figured out how to get water, and ate all the cookies and crackers. She left alone pecan sandies, the bread (because no one would cut off the crusts) and a bowl of bananas (because she didn't like them when they weren't cut up) and instead dined for the last 3 days in "captivity" on a diet of Play-Doh and potato chips. A diet that, Connor, I'm sure, would approve.