Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Squareless wonder and S.D.P.

Connor's Room is done... Phew. I started at 9 and finished at 5.. not a bad day in all . Aside from dealing with a slightly out of whack, and in no way square room, I did pretty good. Whatever the guy was taking that made him think that what he was doing was OK when he built that room, was at least prescription strength, if not illegal. To get anything done, I chose 2 arbitrary points that seemed to line up with both the radiator and the threshold for the main doorway, snapped a line and measured off of there, and had some pretty good results. I ignored the door to the attic, cause it looked bad. I noticed how out of whack I was when I got to it. Almost an inch over 3 feet. When I finally got to the opening I was frazzled. I had to check every thing 3 and 4 times... My measurements were consistent, but that door was neither plumb or square. It took me a while to just get myself not to adjust things. I took a picture to show you (click on it to get a good view), so you 'd know I didn't lie. I should have pulled the draft blocker out, but you get the gist. What was funny, was when I came to the main door, I was almost perfectly square with it... which was nice, but the back wall was off.. Thank the lord for baseboard. Anyway, once my sins are hidden, I'm sure folks will not even notice... unless they venture into the attic stairs. :D

While I was building, Connor and Ryan were coming in to see my progress and commenting on things. At breakfast, Ryan and Connor had waffles, and while I was whining to Lise about my Trapezoidal room, Connor took off and decided that he needed a hat. He took our snowman hat and began to eat breakfast. At some point or other, he threw on some beads to adorn himself completely. I missed the beads, but I snapped this picture and thought how much the two of them reminded me of so many rap artists that I've seen in the last 10 years. I haven't thought of a band name, but I think Ryan could go as "Da Bat" Connor could easily go under the street name of "Snoop Droopy Pants".

Goodnight Homie.