Monday, January 28, 2008

Where'd Mercury go?

If you know about mercury retrograde then you may know it started today and like any good astrologer might predict, communications were all screwed up. I wont go into the gory details, but let's just say I'll be stunned if this posts without a problem. :) I thought that since this event only happens quarterly, (or so) that I'd send a moment pausing to look at the stars and then I caught a little inspiration.

I have to admit, I love doing shots of the trees against the night sky. I wish I had an expansive wide angle lens to grab every bit of light possible. Tonight was beautiful and freaking cold. I went out after the boys went down and grabbed a bunch of shots. Only a few were in focus and it has sparked a competitive thing in me to get a bunch of crazy good night photos. :) On these cold nights the stars are so beautiful.

This weekend we'll be celebrating Connor's 3rd birthday. He has no real idea what's coming his way in terms of attention and presents and the coveted cake. I will venture to say that after this one, he wont forget. But being mercury retrograde, he might interpret it as some other event like when grandparents stay over, and then hound us for cake every time we see anyone over 50. :)


Lise said...

The shots you took last night are beautiful. So immense and full of promise the night sky can be. It is my secret pleasure to read your blog each morning over my cup of tea. (I try not to peer over your shoulder as you are typing so I won't ruin teh surprise.) I can see the creative juices flowing as teh props and camera come up, and I wonder hmmmm what this lead to. And so the blog has become a dear friend I look forward to seeing each morning.

Mike G (moobier) said...

Just a funny... When I posted last night, the internet explorer seesion I was using timed out and I had to reboot to see if I had actually posted... thanks Hg

Em & Tim said...

awesome pictures Mike.. You are so talented.. I think you could (should) take this up professionally.. And you know, we have a creative economy here in Maine so you could move here! :) Always have to put my plug in there for Maine. Seriously though, great pictures. I am always amazed when people can get good night pics.. Have a great birthday party this weekend - HAVE FUN!! Oh yeah, and Connor can have my piece of cake. :)

Lise said...

I tell him all the time we should move ot Maine and he should become a FT photographer. . . I am plugging for Maine too. =)