Thursday, January 31, 2008

Company Dinner

Last night my company had it’s quarterly division meeting. It was typical in just about every way, but it did interrupt my ability to post last night. The usual food, slide show, and goals highlighted the gala event. Afterwards we spent some time at the water street cafe in Stonington. It's always fun to go out with colleagues. They typically let their guard down during these events and there is always an HR breach someplace. Luckily, I wasn’t witness to any, but based on the "conservation of personality rule", I'm certain it did. (I’ll explain the conservation of personality another time, but one of it’s tenets is that “there’s always one of those people in a crowd”. Fill in your “those people-types here”)

As for my late posting, I did state that it wasn’t possible for me to be 100% on a daily basis (for you purists) however I did take a photo to fill the void the day before... which meets my own type-B blogging satisfaction... so nah.

Tonight my parents arrive in preparations for Connor's birthday party. It will be late, and I don’t expect to post a shot of them arriving, but if they get there before I turn into a pumpkin, I'll be waiting at he door ready to reveal their exhausted faces :)

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