Monday, January 14, 2008

?Transvestite snow...umm...person?

OK.. Sooooo this IS a snow... umm person. :) We had enough snow to throw the state of CT into an uproar and most things were closed up. I took the opportunity to work from home and got alot of things done that I usually get interrupted on. Since people had to call me, instead of just popping by my office, I was able to get a little rhythm going. Lise and Ryan and Connor went out to enjoy the freshly fallen (and very wet) snow. As I was on a con call, I watched the three of them dress this pile of snow and grass into what you see here. Lise donated her best Tiara, of course. (I have to tease Lise about this, only because she's so proud, and I had to admit, the creative touches beat mine, by a mile.)

I miss not being home with them on most days... even to be able to be in the house and see them enjoying the outdoors is one of my guilty pleasures. I'm not saying that I'd like to work from home all the time. It is stressful in a different way, and you tend to work well past 5pm. It's just that I love watching them grow up and also... it's just plain frightening to come home, and have this waiting for you at the end of the walkway when you're not expecting it. :)

Sweet Dreams.



Anthony and Karen said...

Now wait a that a snowman or a snow girl?!

Whatever it is, it is fun and I wish I had one!! On the other hand, what am I saying, that would mean that I want a lot of snow..
so, thanks for the picture..that's good enough. Love, Mom

Em & Tim said...

Doesn't a tiara make it a snow princess??

Lise said...

Personally I thought it looke dlike teh Queen of England. But teh snow lady had nicer teeth. =) hahahahaha

Anthony & Patti Gazzillo said...

Lucky Connect-tic-cats,
We got cold mud in NJ.