Tuesday, January 29, 2008

petit poulet

Lise's Mom has always referred to children as la petit poulet (little chicks) in describing the way she would see a parent (usually Mom) walking through a store or down the street with her "little chicks" following close behind. I always loved this description. It is common picture no matter where you are from and I think a fine metaphor. This metaphor has, however, not only moved into my house with the arrival of my two boys, but is now mixing with the decor.

I recently pointed it out to Lise (but this seems to escape her) that there MIGHT be a little birdie theme unfolding in our living room / dining room / foyer / kitchen. :) I don't mind it one bit, but I think it's very cute how it comes so naturally to her, without any conscience inspiration of a theme. It seems that we mostly like tiny finches or doves which spark a memory for my wife of her father. Lise's Dad used to make bird houses and stick them on the back of their garage where he could watch the new babies grow as the cat circled the base, hoping for a bird to miss it's first flight. (Meneau used to spend a little indoor time, during such events)
Next time you visit, take a look in the corners of the room and at the light in the entryway, or on the tables or stuck to the side of the fridge. You might find one of Lise's friends perched there to say hello to you.

À bientôt

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