Thursday, January 24, 2008


Ok... So it's been one of those high volume work weeks, where I seem to be checking off tasks but ending up far behind. Grr. I have plate full of easy stuff to get done.. but my pate runneth over. A perfect example was tonight, when I got home, I had to help Ryan out with a little project in his room, but I was missing a screw. (yes, a loose screw... go ahead.. comment away) I had some documents I needed to sign and send out, but the scanner/printer was off and moved away from Connor, the copy master, and my keyboard needed new batteries. They are all things that just took a little more time than I planned, and when added up, take away from when I can call it a day. I should create a huge Risk log and run my life by it. (end grumping)

Anyway... to feel better I took a chocolate (85% Coco) pill and a cup of decaf coffee and then took a break long enough to appreciate the moon. The lunar rays cleared my aching head and I donned my tinfoil hat and went back to work, signing, scanning, typing and checking lists. :) I know my mental howling really wasn't much of a brake, but knowing the moon is still there right now, peering over my shoulder as I type this out gives me the reminder to relax a bit and find the rhythm of my own pilgrimage to bed.

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Carla said...

I love that photo!