Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I think the clock is slow

It seems to me that everything I see and do lately has affinity with growth or change. I love how dramatic change makes us feel that what we are doing has value or meaning. (mmm...instant gratification) I will forever be amazed at people like Lise, who can create something from nothing, additionally, I think it's extraordinary how she is able to see the possibilities of what could be latent in things that already exist, but waiting for it is excruciating. We're taught that "slow and steady wins the race", but it's a hard course, when you want instant results. In a fast food world, flowers grow too slowly, process changes at work roll out at a snails pace, losing weight takes too long to put your mind to and home projects never seem to end. Everything seems so insurmountable at times.

In the midst of all this lethargic passage, the children seem to shoot up like weeds and weeks and months melt away in an expeditious precession. While lamenting about how things require so much effort to change the course, the days quickly wend. I am reminded on the days that lethargically go that these moments are actually fleeting at the same time. Like the way waiting 10 more minutes for good friends to arrive feels like an eternity, and how their visits pass all too quickly or waiting for flowers to bloom takes forever, but once they have flowered, they hastily retreat.


Andy said...

I waited all day to read this entry (after you told me about it) and then it was over in a flash. Damn.

Mike G (moobier) said...

ironic, ain't it folks?