Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snip snip

HAIRCUTS! Today was a fun day with the boys. Lise had a class and after a trip to the flamingo place, I took the monkeys for a haircut. The lady there was very nice and told me that somehow she was becoming the kiddie hair cutter. :) Connor wasn't really a huge fan of the whole thing, but really liked the fact that we were doing something other than TV, playing in the yard, or dragging them around from store to store to torture people with my cooped-up children.

Ryan actually went first and made faces though the entire event. It looked like someone was sawing him in half for most of the time, and the rest of the time he squinted and said he had hair in his eyes. Who knew I had such a Drama-Lama? Then it was my turn. The nice lady cut my hair while the boys sat in a chair and had lollipops. Ryan let her know that he loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and MJ, our hairdresser offered to give us her collection. (Boy, wont Lise be happy... more STUFF) My haircut went without incident, until I went to pay the bill. It seems that one of the regular customers is a HUGE baker and brings in goodies for the ladies at "Hair We Are". This week, she brought in these fantastic peanut butter / chocolate squares. So, I played the King's taster to make sure the boys would not be poisoned, and once I had determined it was safe, I gave the boys some. Ryan has proven himself a fan.

Tomorrow I'm going to take some photos of my town. I have said so often how beautiful it is here, but I've been remiss in documenting it. And who knows... If the baker is coming back to the hair cutting place, maybe I'll get a little more off the top.


Em & Tim said...

I bet they need another haircut sooner then you think!!

Was at a friends apt the other day and there was a pile of hardwired smoke detectors on their shelf! Thought of you guys... They had been going off apparently for no reason, so my friend went out and bought old fashioned one with batteries and disconnected the hard wired ones... Apparently you aren't the only one with this problem!

Mike G (moobier) said...

:) At least mine are back up :)