Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Carpenter without a Square

In my current position at Pfizer, I carry a company issued laptop. I have no real office to speak of, so I take my laptop home just about every night. On some rare (usually sleepless) occasions, I forget my laptop and have to come home to get it. VERY frustrating.. and with my blackberry in hand, I can sometimes manage without it. I believe this is what happened to the carpenter that built Connor's room. Only he left his square at home. It's a nice room, but I swear that the walls were installed by a carpenter without a square. This morning after a visit to the flamingo place, Ryan and I started to install the hardwoods in Connor's room. I was going to build off the doorway, because I didn't want the entryway to not match with the flooring in the room. Then I found that I was up against the craziest doorway there ever was. The transition strip was cut funky and then when I investigated more... I found the wall was out of square. So I went to the far side and found out that was the same (thank the saints for Lasers... or I would have found out the painful way.) Anyway.. After snapping lines, measuring... snapping more lines and then realizing that the closet was built just as wacky... I got to work

Ick. It took me most of the morning to get the first run in. I also determined that they were going to run the heat through some hole in the floor that they never used or capped... Closing them up, left the room about 5 degrees warmer and made me happy that I was producing some positive change in my manic drive to install the floors. I know we all make mistakes, but JEEZ, who the hell was this guy and what drugs was he on? Anyway all this reminded me of something my brother in law says: "Looks like this was installed on a Friday." I wonder what he'd say if he was here today.. Probably that is wasn't as bad as other rooms he's dealt with and oh yeah: "It looks fine to me. As long as I can't see it from my house."

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