Friday, February 1, 2008

Fair Weather State

There is an old saying; if you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a minute. Today was one of those days and depending on where you were, you got some sleet, rain, snow or just an overcast sky. Although the day was a precipitous one, the morning was beautiful and I couldn't help but jump out and get a few snaps of the sunrise. The sky was a pastel painting as I snuck outside in my sweats and a tee shirt in the warming morning breeze to try to capture it. The impending rain was heavy in the air and I have to admit it felt like I was stealing these pictures as they hung in a museum. Apparently, I like to steal.

It was great that I got the pictures when I did... An hour later, it was beginning to rain as I got in my car and drove to the office. While at work today I watched the rain catch up to me, and wash down my window as a submarine went by and the sky flashed shades of grey. When I left, it was still drab, but I was thinking about the abducted morning sky, sheltered on my camera at home and how beautiful it is.

The best thing about living here is the way the sky changes so dramatically. I don’t know when it will be sunny, bright, grey or stormy; even when the weather man says we're in for some event... it never seems to come to fruition. When it comes to the weather in Connecticut, you need a "love the one you're with" state of mind. And if if you want to appreciate the sky for a span of more than 30 minutes, you better take a photo.

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