Saturday, February 16, 2008

Grand Day Out

This morning we had an early morning banana and headed out to the flamingo place. Connor got his usual "bunny pancake" and we all unwound from a crazy week. Connor didn't sleep well last night and I was up a few times checking on him. While he did sleep... he was noisy and kept me and Lise up on a hourly call. After our customary Rabbit breakfast, Ryan and I headed out to visit Karate places. I think I found one I like, but I should look at least three places first (I've only visited the two closest).

After naps Rachael and Greivin came up and after a cup of tea and a full physical examination by Dr. Greivin and Ryan, we decided to head out to the park. As we walked outside, we were met by some of the horses from down the street, and the kids were able to give them a pet before we packed in the car and went on our merry way. We had a great time and made a new friend there. I love how this town is so friendly.

We got back and had dinner... the kids were exhausted... it's still early and it will be interesting to see how tonight goes. Rachael tells me that Greivin has been sleeping with her alot, so we'll see if popping him in Ryan's room will be a cure, or a problem. :) Always an adventure to be had here.

OK... Time for Bed. These superheros are superbeat!

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