Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Crusted Crusaider

Last night was a long night. Maybe epic. Connor spent the most of the evening making noises as he slept. Apparently Ryan kept taking toys from him in his sleep, and kept saying stuff like "Ryyyaaannnn.... NO NO NO!" UGH. After a fitful night Connor, thinking of having a full blown pre-K inspired cold, looked like death warmed over. This morning, as he donned his Robin outfit, I thought he looked like a 42nd street bum. He looked like he’d been drinking all morning, and after getting Rachael off to the highway, we came home and napped. Well… Lise, Ryan and Connor napped… I got Connor to sleep (took 50 min), and then laid down myself. Lise had fallen asleep with Ryan and came in after an hour… I cuddled up to Lise and about 5 minutes later, Ryan, aka: “the Gestapo”, kicked the door down to see if we were asleep. I tried for 10 minutes to go back to sleep, but my adrenal glands had me on high alert, so I came back downstairs. There is this not-so-good parent in me that wants to kick in Ryan’s door at 3 am and ask him for a glass of water. The thought of it is enough to satiate the need…. But my vindictive nature has definitely been tested.

Connor came down after a long nap, looking ghostly, but better than before, and after a banana and a movie looked about ready for bed. He and Ryan played nicely except for the usual brotherly pounding, and then ate a pretty good dinner. Lise and Ryan shared some time reading magazines while Connor and I watch another movie (yes, this was a down day, so we numbed out) and then we got the boys showered up.

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