Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Birds

Today I got home from work and we took the boys out for dinner... they had been cooped up all day in the house and needed some freedom. We took them for dinner and ice cream at friendly’s, and we all had a great time.
Afterwards, Lise needed to run a few errands and sent me home with the men to check out a noise in the van, and to get the bosses ready for bed. We arrived home without incident, yet as I opened the door, two birds (finches) few into the house and took refuge in Ryan's room. As I captured each bird and sent him on his merry way, it reminded me of only 24 hours earlier, when outside my window at work.... a bunch of idiots set up bird blind by the helocopter pad and began blasting Canadian Geese. I honestly don’t have anything against hunting per se, but this was about 100 yards from my office building, they were bad shots, and I was pretty sure they were illegally using the little island as a hunting blind.

After reviewing my experiances with Lise, she suggested I had the bird connection I accused her of. (referring to my earlier entry when I suggested she might have an addiction to little birds) I can't as yet say if I do or don't, but I can say that if birds are good omens like I read on the internet, I have no clue what my encounters allude to... Only that it must be a sign that change is on the way, someone may throw a bag over me to put me outside, or a hunting acccident is eminant. None of this sounds too appealing this very second.(Don't worry Mom, I'll stay away from windows for a week or so)

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Anthony and Karen said...

You always were very prudent, Michael.

Love, Mom