Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Tonight was Kindergarten orientation night at the school. Ryan matriculates into full day kindergarten in the fall and they went over the first orientation in an hour and it was good. Our town has 160 kids starting in the fall and Ryan is one of them. It was somewhat interesting to see that not much has changed since I started 31 years ago.
The boys enjoyed being with their favorite babysitter tonight and went right to sleep. Connor had a long day that didn't include a nap and he was just about melting at the dinner table. The poor monkey went right to sleep after we left. I just hope he sleep through the night. From the sound of it right now, I'd say no.


Anthony and Karen said...

It's hard to believe how quickly time passes and that Ryan will be in Kindergarten. It's a whole new world for him as well as for you both. Love, Mom

Carla said...

Ryan has a look like he's thinking, "I'm not sure I trust you on this kindergarten plan..."