Saturday, February 23, 2008

No time

We regularly tell Ryan he is a "delay fish" which is a reference to the movie Nemo. This delay rippled into my pond today. It was a beautiful day out, but Connor once again kept us from sleeping, and we were tired as we started the day at the Flamingo place. When we got back, I got started on the office. It wasn't cleaned up from the day before, and so the delays began. I got the room clear, pulled the rug,staples and tack strips, and it was noon! WOW! I am usually at this point by 10am. I took the stuff to the dump, and when I got back, Ryan and Connor napped.... Till 3:30. :(

After naps, we built a snow fort I had promised Ryan earlier. This was a self inflicted delay, and it allowed for some fun photos. I pretty much gave up on the room at that point... I loaded it up with wood and tools and prepped for the next day. I was going to go pick up this cool "L" shaped adapter for my sawzall, but we went to dinner, and the kids went SLOW, and guess what we didn't have time for. I'm crabby... all this lack of closure makes me mental. Tomorrow will be a new day and hopefully, I'll be adding to the slide show.

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Anthony and Karen said...

You gotta love the time you had with the boys! What a great snow fort! I hope it's still up when I come for a visit. that is truly awesome. Love, Mom