Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream

The fog persisted this morning and it was a somewhat introspectively eventful ride in to the office. As I drove, I had a flashback of my highschool English classes .... (Geeky, but true. Someone told me that I was pretty good at english during grade school, and I believed them enough to take AP english.) as I was driving, this poem by Carl Sandburg crepted back into my head:

The fog creeps in on little cat feet.
It sits on silent haunches,
Looking over harbor and city,
And then moves on.

I'm not a huge poetry guy, but the image stays with me whenever I experiance foggy vistas on my coastal morning steam to the office.

When I finally got home the kids were playing with their leapsters and having fun... although there were no naps today, they both were in good moods and very fun. Connor was peering over Ryans shoulder and asking him "What's that?" alot, and Ryan was very patient and answered him every time. After dinner, they sat with me and told me about their day... Ryan then showed me his Cars game on his leapster.. He's getting very good at listening the directions, especially, if they mean that he collects coins and gets a high score. They were tons of fun, and Lise and I actually got a few moments together (which I have alerady burned 15 of blogging) so for tonight, Adieu

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