Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dont make me hurt you...

I love watching the kids play.. Today was a big construction day for us all, and Ryan and Connor were soon "clearing trees" and getting some hard work done. Lise and I went to the floor store today. In either a testament to our indecisiveness or our friendly disposition, we were quickly recognized by the lady that runs the store. After some designing by the ladies and me staring blankly at piles of tile and carpet, we left with a few samples. Then, off to the hardware store where it was Lise's turn to zone out as I picked out the baseboards for the house.

After we got home we fretted about the money we had, the money we were about to spend and then tried to figure out when we'd be able to do any of the work we had left.

It looks like I'll be in the flooring installation business one weekend from next, and then a break will ensue until the middle of March, when I'll get the distinct pleasure of pulling out the entire powder room. In this chapter, I get to learn a new skill in the flooring trade.. installing a tile floor. We are all amused about what hell I have wrought once more. In the interum, I put up the lights I had taken down in the entryway and kitchen in the second floor hallway, in an attempt to finish something this weekend.

Tonight at dinner, Ryan spent some time talking about the girls that we saw last night at dinner. I asked him if he thought they were cute... and he told me yes, but while he likes looking at girls, he still prefers "getting some action". I asked him what kind of action we were talking about here (being proud and somewhat frightened about the ensuing answer). "Running around with my friends action, DaaaD!"

Tomorrow we take Marie out for a lovely brunch in Connor's name... Having kids has been an adventure, and the fun never ends. 3 years ago, I was working late (until almost midnight), when I came home to Lise in labor pains and my Mom anxiously pacing, waiting for me to arrive and pick her up. :) On the ride to the hospital that night Lise said she was worried about something... I of course had to know, even though I knew this was probably, Lise's well developed "buyer's remorse" kicking in... Lise tells me "I'm worried...What if they don’t like each other?" I told her she was a little late to ask the question. :) I still have a scar from the pinch I got.

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