Friday, February 8, 2008

A new day

So, yes I was crabby yesterday and I had every right to be. Don't misunderstand my last post... I wasn't getting plastered, but it made a good visual for how I felt. Anyway, time heals wounds, and if I remain positive, I can survive anything, blah blah blah... I worked from home today and I needed to get a driver disk and in the same holder was a few images from my trip in 1999 to the South Pacific. Being a shameless thief, I took the picture out and dropped it in the lead position for my blog. It prints up kinda dark, so I cleaned it up a bit before posting. This is a sunset in Cambodia, not far from Siem Reap. I loved that trip.

I think I might go through my pictures and post some of my favorites.. I promise I'll continue to take a picture every day, but there is nothing wrong with going to the archive now and then for inspiration. :)

Tonight, after work we took Connor's speech teacher out to dinner. She is an awesome person, and while she did a great job of teaching Connor, she has also become a good friend, and Lise and I hope she'll continue to make time for us in her busy schedule. We took her to the Hibachi place in town. True we went there on new years day, but I'm easily talked into dinner with a show and we went together. The boys had a fantastic time... and like any night on the town, we arrived dressed as batman and Robin. Many oohs and aahhh's were had before we settled into our sundry dishes.

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This weekend, we are going to take Marie out for Connor's birthday. I haven’t seen her in a few weeks and Lise tells me that she's checked out a bit this week, so I'm revving up to be party guy that day to see if I can get her Irish up.

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Em & Tim said...

Maybe next time you're feeling crabby you should try slipping on your batman mask. I bet no one at work would mess with you if you were walking around with a cape and mask on! :) Or you know, trying to qwell that with a bud is an american tradition, of course when used as a coping mechanism on a regular basis others call that tradition substance abuse! :) May the weekend recharge and energize you.