Wednesday, February 27, 2008

From here to here

My sister-in-law once said I looked like Carey Grant "from here to here" showing my eyes.... Ok... So, I know its not true but I'll take a compliment when it comes my way. Here you go Louise; you can print this up and tell people I'm you're brother-in-law. :)

The last two nights, Connor has thrashed in bed, and kept me up. This morning and Monday I was up between 3-4am for the day. It makes coming up with a new picture for the day a real challenge. How does one come up with a great picture idea every day when you feel about as sharp as a bag of wet mice? (not that I came up with one yet... but that's the challenge ,no?) Anyway... I thought that a self portrait would make some sense to my mushy mind.
On a side note, I found a Cannon 40D for $519.... It's sooooo tempting. I just can't afford it right now. But ohhh so tempting...

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Carla said...

Remember, the 40D is essential technology... the price should only ever go down! Waiting is good! (that's as good of an influence as I can be on this one, sorry!)

I like self portraits of people with their cameras in front of their faces. Excellent shot.