Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Foggy night

I looked out my front door this evening and I thought that ET had landed across the street. :) It's one of those foggy nights here. I mentioned the weather before this month, so I wont go into the details and tell you how it's unseasonably warm here. Let's just say it's warm enough to get some fog going, and it's spooky out.

The kids are in bed and trying to sleep. Ryan had a great first day of "lunch Bunch" at Preschool, and he's all proud of himself, even though he forgot to eat his sandwich and instead had a lunch of cheeze-its. It was a long day for everyone and I'm ready to hang my hat and call it a night myself. Connor was very sweet this evening and told me every time I went to put him in bed, that he loved me and then wanted a hug. It melts your heart, even though you know he's trying to stay up later, anyway possible. :)

Other than that, it's been a quiet night. I had a decent day and I need to make up for lost sleep last night. I did bump into something funny this evening. My officemate found a list of blogs related to photo and in the first one, I found this link. It reminded me of something my friend Jim would do, and made me miss him. He was one of my closest friends when he lived on this coast and I miss his friendship and constant sarcasm. :) I'll be happy when he makes his millions and can live bi-coastal, so I can guilt him into coming around.

Other than the link my day way kinda usual. I found a missing bluetooth dongle, handed in a deliverable for work and now, it's time for me to hang up my Blogging persona and go to bed. I'll just park it here with the other costumes. I wonder if I'll grab the right one tomorrow night... there are so many to chose from in the costume box.

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