Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Batman vs The Parrots

Ryan starts his "Lunch bunch" today. The preschool holds a program for kids at lunch time to help them transition to Kindergarten next year. He is SOOO excited. He got a cool Batman lunchbox with a thermos for soup. (he never eats soup, but one can dream, no?) When I got home last night, he was bouncing like a ball, and told me all about it. There is nothing like having kids. Not only does he get excited about these things, but it's great to hear about his view of the world.

Anyway... this is coupled with Connor going to preschool. Connor, has a speech delay and will be attending the Public school after his 3rd birthday. He has gone for evaluations at the school, so he should be fine. As for Lise and I, we are a little nervous. Connor is a brave soul and usually is up for anything, so we know he'll be fine. He's just younger than his brother was when he went to school, and it's 5 days a week. Lise will miss her companion, and we're wondering if Connor will too. On Fridays, Connor will take the bus and I have to admit, we are both a bit worried... it's nerve-wracking stupid parental anxiety, most likely unwarranted, but real to us.

I forgot to mention the other day that we spent the early part of Sunday night at the “Parrot place” This is a typical Chinese restaurant that is more expensive than the one Lise and I like to eat at, but the kids like the glasses which look like parrots. I’m not a huge fan of the food (it's not bad though), I think the local place by us does it better, but the service is friendly, they dote on the kids, and provide us with quick meals. During our last visit the kids got different glasses than we did (they got Hula dancers), and Ryan was a little disappointed (not enough to skip eating or drinking his ginger ale), so I’m hoping we broke the “curse of the parrots”. Although I have to admit, I felt a little nervous as I left, as if someone was watching me... knowing we'd be back soon, for a quick visit and Chicken Lo Mein.

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Anthony and Karen said...

It's a big deal when children start school and it's normal to feel nervous about how they will react. Surprisingly, I always found you children did better than I did!!

Gotta love those lunchboxes...they really are fun!

Uncle Wiggley