Monday, February 18, 2008


Our toy room overflowth to the point that perfectly good toys are waging war on other perfectly good toys in an effort to be noticed by the children. This evening, I found a crocodile snacking on a passing superhero. This must be a result of a lack of attention, or some twisted toy-pecking-order. Either way, Lise took it as a cue and retired some toys.

I am thinking of doing a thematic blog. A few months ago, I saw someone had done a theme of the seven deadly sins. This would be fine until I get to adultery. Pretty much everything I could think of was too dirty or twisted for a blog with my name on it, so that’s out. Ideas? Thoughts from the crowd? I’d like to do choose something more universal than what underwear Ryan is wearing, like the seven deadlies… but then again, my Mom does read this, so keep it clean. If left to my own devices, this may lack pizzazz… so any seeds you may plant are appreciated.

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Anthony and Karen said...

Hmmm... thinking about you... thinking about me... Love, Mom