Monday, February 11, 2008

Cold Day Warm Fruit Snack?

Today's word of the day is "cold". When we bought this house, I noted it had this cool fireplace insert that will be nice to have in the winter. I was right... it's nice to have it. Lise and I have been using less oil this year than last, and we pre-bought, so we're happy. The fireplace is so toasty that I don’t want to go up to bed.

Today was Connor's first day of school. We started him in a special pre-school for kids with learning issues. Since he's a "late talker", he qualifies. (I'll remind you now the Einstein was a late talker too, so expect to hear about the ConCon-Baby-effect in your old age) He did great, and didn't cry or fuss when Mom left. From the reports I received, this was one sided, and Lise was very close to having a total meltdown and needing to inject large quantities of ice cream Sunday to overcome her tears. Ryan seeing the need to resolve this dilemma held things together for her by being extremely high maintenance. Aggravated, Lise regained her composure. :) It was actually a relief to hear that all went well and all kidding aside, I'm glad he did so well. Friday it's the bus ride and if all goes well, we'll breathe a sigh of relief.

Upon their reunion, Ryan went back to his art work. We have moved on from just our work with paper and crayon to sculpture. This week's exhibit is a mixed media done in block from cardboard and wooden origins. The artist is expressing his angst over his inability to get in touch with his passion (Fruit roll-ups).The bright colored wooden blocks that represent the snacks seem close enough to reach, while in the background, the red, green and blue cardboard blocks represent indoor larger, seemingly "adult" forces that present and yet retain the fruit snacks simultaneously. The Horror.

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