Sunday, February 10, 2008

I couldn't eat another bite.

It was a fantastic morning. The sun came up and burned off the fog that has lingered for the last week, and when it finally got cleared up, it left a beautiful blue sky. The Wind began blowing as soon as we got ourselves bundled up and we all headed out to get Gigi for brunch. She was sleeping when we arrived, and was a little groggy, but she soon rallied and we all went out to La Luna in Branford. Nice place and the brunch was crazy big. It had your usual eggs, omelets, fruit and pancakes; however, it also had ribs, potatoes, Chicken piccata, and all sorts of desserts.

Ryan and Connor settled down for a long meal of trying new things, and actually enjoyed stuffing their faces with the adults. Ryan ate a huge plate of shrimp and Connor ate everything in sight. He really enjoyed the whole experiance. After eating about 6 jumbo shrimp, Ryan ate a bunch of Auntie Nee Nee's and scavenged the rest of the table. :) I can’t wait to come back when they are teens, this will be my saving grace for two hungry boys.
After our orgy of eggs, pancakes, meat, cheese and fruit came the desserts. OK, sooo, I'm not supposed to break my diet, but they had peanut butter mousse pie. OMG. Let's just say, I helped Lise by splitting what I got for her. :) I am now stuffed to the gills and actually feel a little sick from my gluttonous rampage, but now and then, you have to splurge so your pancreas can find out how nice you've been to it all these months.
Happy Birthday Connor... and thanks for the excuse to stuff ourselves.

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Tim said...

Happy Birthday day Baby ConCon.... I mean spiderman... How'd 3 yrs go by so quickly??? Glad you guys had such a nice celebration...