Sunday, February 3, 2008

Post Party Depression

The party is over and now the clean up is mostly done. We spent the morning at the park, which was fun. The kids ran and ran until we thought they didnt have anything left in them, and then came home for lunch. My family had all left by 1pm, and although the kids didn't sleep (oh yes, we're about to freak out), we did get some down time. After a comforting lie of thinking that quiet time is just as good as a nap, we left for an early dinner out at the parrot place.

When we got back, Ryan played transformers, while I got a fire started and prepped for the impending game. I remarked to my wife how much the mask looks like the NLF mascot of late.

I waited to finish this until the game was over. :) So my Dad sends his regards to his brothers and the rest of the family in their time of disappointment. :) As for my friends at work, I guess you won’t be getting that coin back from Orlando, and Glenn won’t be heralding the invincibility of Beantown teams this week. :)

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