Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

Today was the first real snow storm for us this year. We easily got 7 inches of snow and then a little sleet and misty rain moved in to ice the top. The boys got excited and went right out with Lise this morning. I was a bit jealous being stuck in my little home office, but it was a much better fate than being stuck in my New London office. It has a view as well, but I would just as soon be home.
I did take a few pictures of the snow as it fell, but I loved the way this light fell into my office and how this little bird chime looked in the window. The cardinal on it made it seem to be in the right place today, with the snow falling behind it.

I did miss blogging last night, as we had a visitor. A friend of mine stopped by and we all had a nice dinner together. She has just moved into the area and Lise and I had a great time just getting to know someone new. She had one fatal flaw... she brought yummy treats that I could not resist. Another feeder, like Lise and I ... I guess the saying is right... lay your bread upon the water and you'll receive tenfold. I was just wondering when I sat in that damn water...

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Anthony and Karen said...

The snow was so beautiful here as welland it truly was a great day for kids, both young and old. Dad and I shoveled together twice and by the time the rain came and iced things over, everything looked magical. Loved the picture of the Cardinal hanging in the window...we have some real Cardinals hopping around the bird feeder next door...and I do mean hopping! It was 70 just a few days ago, has to be a major shock for the birds.