Monday, April 21, 2008

"Take my kidney... please."

Another day in the paradise I call home. I worked from home today heeding my RN's advice and "taking it easy". It was weird not being in the office today, but I think they survived without me. It was good, because much to my physician's chagrin, Ryan kept Lise and I up ALL freaking night last night. (-8 hours.. yes) At first it was coughing and then it turned into being afraid, and then he just couldn't sleep. Both Lise and I are pretty much at our wits end with him on this. Ryan is coming in to his own and he wants to test everything... I don't think the car will hit me if I am in the road, and I 'm not sure I believe Dad when he says I'll feel worse if I stay up all night, but it is scary, so I'll wake up the house. Needless to say, I have moments of great anger + restraint + guilt + frustration + no sleep = crabby boy+ crabby kidney = bad daddy. I finally told him last night, that we are going to hang up a sign when we have been in there one time, and we're not going to come back after that one call... so he'd better be 100% certain that he "needs" us. Now for the fitting punishment... I was thinking dunk tank, or having to clean up a fraternity house in Hartford, but Lise suggested something like putting a toy away for a week. Man... she's nice.

Anyway... we're dealing with it. I called the Dr. and set up an appointment tomorrow for a follow up. Seems these Kidney infections need some attention, so we'll give it a little session tomorrow and see what I brewed up over the weekend. At this house, we just love a good medical drama. Last year it was my liver... this year kidneys... the possibilities are endless!!

Amidst being a complete grump from lack of sleep, we also found out, that Ryan has a loose tooth.... at 4 1/2? Well, considering he is acting like a misplaced 3rd grader and is built like one, it only seems to make sense. Now we wiggle it for everyone. He showed me and I told him that Grandpa would tie a string around it and the other side to a door... and when your Mom came home, he'd slam the door.... Ryan made a face like I dipped his hot fudge in an oil can. Then told me "people DON'T DO THAT" and went the store with Lise. When they got back Lise had a glint in her eye, and Ryan looked like he'd seen a ghost. Apparently, he walked up to some stranger in the store and said "I got a loose tooth" to which the man replied.... "When I was your age, my Dad would tie a string to one end of my tooth and another to a doorknob..."

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