Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stone free...

It's Sunday and I am feeling much better... To celebrate, we pushed me out and went to the trolley museum. It's very low impact, and the boys do love a trolley ride. Trains / Trolleys and other locomoted devices seem to attract a certain crowd... one that I'm not used to seeing. Today, we had a man in a hat who did not speak or move from his seat, but everyone knew his name (eek) along with a man with the worst wig I ever saw, a woman with an arm in the biggest cast you ever saw and a boy (prolly 18) who had died his hair black and was wearing a "Winger" tee shirt. Frightened as I was, I boarded with Ryan and Connor. We had a fun trip and the guide on our magical journey was a man who tells me he is a Civil engineer during the week. (these guys were all boyscouts... I know it.

After that we had a quick lunch and head out for a gas up and then to the local airport. We had seen signs and sign up sheets for the closest airport and I wanted to ask about lessons... it was about twice the cost as if I went to Middletown, but it was a nice ride up to the airport and Ryan and Connor got to see 2 planes land and one take off, which was as exciting for them as if they few the planes themselves.

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