Friday, April 25, 2008

Sick Monkey

It is never easy being sick. You feel like you're missing out on things and that you are an albatross around every one's neck. I know I have felt this way about being sick this week, and to see Connor feeling this way today I have more empathy then usual. Connor doesn't complain about being sick, he just stops like a toy whose spring has unwound.

This evening we were invited to a friend house for some pizza and socializing with the locals. Lise and I saw Connor was a little beat, so we thought he'd give it a college try. He rallied for a bit and then wanted Mama to pick him up... then his heater went on and he was a wet noodle for about 15 minutes. He went as far as sitting on the couch, staring at the TV which was off. I picked him up and took him home... 1 short book and he was just about in a coma... this may be a long weekend, we shall see. I have friends visiting us and I hope we are going to give them something to take home. :(
Ryan on the other hand, couldn't be happier. He is entrenched in a group of teenage boys that tolerate little guys and they are having lots of fun playing games and being boys. Ryan would have probably liked having a big brother, one that doted on him, not the kind that hides your socks or drops mud in your hair before dinner. :) Anyway, he's having the time of his life and Lise is visiting her friend, and I got to blog... What did I say the other day about counting your blessings?

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Em & Tim said...

So has your health insurance plan sent a nurse to the house yet? Or sent you a letter warning you of over utilization, I mean over exposure to germs! I hope summer vaca builds up everyone's immune systems..
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