Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Artist formally known as Ryan

Ryan fancies himself as quite the artist. Pretty much every day, I come home to a new picture or painting. If I don't actually see one, I get a story about one that was made at school. Mr. Ryan informed me tonight that he would be "featured" in an art show at school soon. Of course, all the kids get "featured" in the art show... but I believe we're getting a bit of an artist's attitude. :) Next month

On another note, Lise and I broke open a new bottle of wine that my friend Joe acquired for me. It has been quite
beneficial working with Glenn and Joe in our little office. They not only help me to make light of difficult times but they also entice me into spending money on wine and gadgets. When Joe had realized that I needed to buy an SD card, he had about 30 deals in my inbox within the hour. :) It's been alot of fun and I'm lucky to have this kind of company on a daily basis, however; I occasionally have to restrain myself. I don't have the disposable income they do... but I'm looking forward to it. Until then, I'll drink the wine I get at bargain basement prices and squint my eyes to imagine how my house will look when it's all done.

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