Monday, April 7, 2008

Bathroom completed

The bathroom is finished, and the toilet was the biggest hurdle. I have to first admit that I have never pulled out a toilet and replaced it. My potty-phobia was strongly tested when I had to clean up the wax ring (ick), and make sure the toilet was ready for it's next 10 years. To my horror, I found that just a little bit of the tile had gotten under the discharge pipe, and I couldn't bring the toilet flange flush to the floor. After I pondered this for a few days (and sleepless nights) I realized I had access to it from the basement and could give a shot at chipping it from below. I took out my $25 pneumatic chisel and was done in 3 minutes flat. Lesson learned, experience gained and I now am filled with joy as I dropped the toilet down and brought my first floor bathroom back in to the 20th century... now for the sink and it's sundry parts.

The first faucet arrived via special order and was the wrong model for my vanity. This was... disappointing at best as we had spoken to someone and described our vanity before the order. Luckily, they let us return it on Saturday morning and after my little dance with the toilet, I installed the fixtures we'd picked out at Lowes in the morning. It looks really nice and by Sunday afternoon, I was slapping in the trim. I have to admit, it looks nice and everything works better than it has since we moved in. I still have some paper towels under the drain, checking for leaks, and will check it in a few days to make sure we're ready to trust it. While I did that work, Lise cleaned out more trees and then pulled the last wallpaper from the walls in the formal living room. Death to the Pepto-Bismol room... Long live my future living room!!!

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