Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Dingo Ate My Kidney

I just finished updating an old post with the picture of the day... I admit now that since 16-April, I missed a picture. It's a bummer, because, I hadn't missed a day, but I just couldn't do anything about it... but then I'm jumping ahead.

On Wednesday night I felt horrible after Lise went out... It took me a while to get the kids to bed, and I couldn't really motivate to get much done. I just felt very tired as only getting up at 4am and going to bed at 11 on a little cycle can do to a person. That night, Lise's good friend stopped by and the three of us finished off a bottle of wine together. It was very good, and I highly recommend it. It was a Cab by Simi and was perfect right out of the bottle. Not the smartest move by me, with so little sleep, but it was fun catching up and I think I fell asleep around 11:30. Up again at just before 5am, and I could barely move... I felt pretty bad and Thursday was a drag.

Now it is the end of Lise Appreciation week, and she went out one last time on Thursday night too. I put the kids to bed and passed out at 8pm. My stomach was aching and my back was hurting, and I felt like I might have a mild fever. Friday morning I felt good when I woke up and had to run out to meet the backhoe man, and have him remove two big rocks (7am, god bless him), the kids got to see the backhoe in action and loved every minute. The fresh air felt good, but my legs and back were achy like I had done 1000 sit ups in my sleep that night. When I came in for breakfast, Lise said I looked pale, and I told her I was starting to feel worse and worse... When I described my symptoms, Lise told me that I should go to the Dr... Of course I thought she was being a bit over the top... I was achy and had a mild fever... oh, and my pee kinda smelled bad. (TMI, I know.. but it was the BIG clue).

I called the Dr from my bedroom (Work from home thank god), and set up an appointment at 9am, and took a moment to collect my thoughts... I couldn't... 15 minutes passed and I suddenly realized that I was more tired than I thought. I called out of work sick, and slept... till 1:30PM, and then off to the Dr's office. They think it may be a kidney infection based on my symptoms and culture... not they are in the process of growing the bacteria to see what I have been mutating. I sure it will be some horribly simple thing, but the good/bad part was they put me on Cipro. (If you don't know why an antibotic this strong is best avoided, then take my word for it.)

Saturday, we took Ryan to the Dr, cause he has a bad cough and he told me that this Kidney thing is rare and possibly a bad thing and got me all wigged out. :( We will see what I'm growing back at the lab sometime next week, until then I'm on Ciprofloxacin. He also started telling me how they collected the urine sample wrong, and well... let's say, I 'm glad I didn't walk in there for my first visit. After my traumatic visit to the pediatrician, I went home, went to bed, and slept till dinner.. then back to bed, and out I went for the night.

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