Saturday, April 12, 2008

L.A.W. -Day 3

Saturday was a busy day that was topped with brownies and ice cream. After breakfast at the flamingo place, Lise took off with Brenda to run a few errands in Mystic. I took the boys out to get some supplies and when we got back, I got out my tools and tore down the swing set. It was one of the metal jobs with cement booties on the end of each pole. Once I got rid of the cross beams, it came down pretty easy. 10 years of rust was no match for my trusty impact wrench, and within an hour, it was a pile of scrap. I told the boys that a new play scape was coming soon, so they were excited to see the old one go. Lise was very happy to see it was down when she got home, and although we cant get it taken away for a few days, she was surprised how quickly it was dispatched.

The boys were overtired, so naps came easily and after they woke up, Brenda and Doug came back with the kids to celebrate Lise's birthday. We had a nice pork loin and green beans followed by brownies and ice cream. The kids totally hit the wall after some chocolate brownies, chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. (I did too, actually). It was great fun and the boys passed out after dragging their overtired bodies off to bed.

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