Monday, April 14, 2008

Glimpse of Summer

Today we went to the captain's. It was the first sign of spring for me... We were cold, but eat ate outside. I had a lobster roll and lobster bisque. I know my cousin Emily doesn't think much of getting a lobster, but it IS a BIG treat for me. It was fun eating outside again with my friends before I headed out for a meeting in Groton.

After the meeting I was heading out to home and hit a major traffic jam. It reminded me of when I lived in Fairfield county and drove to Stamford everyday. What was funny about it, was I waited all of 5 minutes and then things moved right along. I SOOOO don't miss the waiting in sweltering heat, traffic jams and unfriendly travels to the NY area.

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Em & Tim said...

yumm lobster... I ate a lobster & crab cake last night and just tasting lobster made me think of summer. It's coming!!