Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy B-day LISE!!!

Happy birthday to Lise,
Happy Birthday to Lise,
Happy birthday Happy Birthday.....
Happy Birthday to LISE!

Looks like that poor cake was attacked by hungry lions, no? Grisly!

I think Lise has had a pretty good day... I made fruit salad for the kids before I left, and snuck a card in her car. When I came home, I brought flowers and a VERY yummy cake. Since the kids were just about to go to bed, we had cake and then dinner. Connor and Ryan got Mommy some chocolates and a card. When she opened the box, Ryan asked for some. (sigh)

After putting the kids to bed, I gave Lise some trashy celebrity magazines and she took phone calls from the throngs of supporters and admirers. Lise's big present this year is tickets to see Billy Joel when he comes to town in May. I hope she likes it. Now I'm off to clean up the mess.

Lise Appreciation Week (Day 2) has 2 surprises. I can't tell you them until after they are sprung. Oh.. I'm sorry Lise, I hope I'm not I teasing you? :)

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