Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lazy night

Ahhh... a Lazy night. When I got home last night I helped get the kids to bed, and then jumped in myself and watched bad television. Lise was on the couch and I watched 3 episodes of "curb your enthusiasm", while not thinking of work, kids, or life in general. As our hero, Larry David was discovering his therapist on the beach in a thong, I was snugged up, sipping tea.
All in all yesterday was an odd day. I got an email from my friend Mike with just a link to a funny picture... It didn't need explanation. I love inside jokes, especially ones from friends you no longer see on a regular occasion. It's like having a connection with the outside world that persists outside of yourself. I also got an odd email from my boss at my consulting company. He sends out a monthly newsletter to the folks that are on my team and asked me to send him something for his "Fun" section. I chose a blog entry I did in January titled "Food (the enemy)" with some edits to make it topical and not just seem out of place. I thought it was awesome to be able to use some of my blogging materials too. I don't have any writing aspirations, but I do hope they don't like it too much and ask me for a regular fun entry. It was nice to be able to use something I thought was somewhat witty at the time... it would suck to try to be witty most of the time. :)
Sunrise was fantastic today. The impending rain made the sky light up as the sun rose. I went to take a few snaps, but needed to get a workout in. I only got one that turned out half bad, and so I cropped the hell out of it. (yes, the damn bird again) I'll do another picture tonight.. I am still looking for inspiration or a theme of some sort. One the preferably that doesn't require "finger-topless gloves" and involves me staying warmer than the other day on the beach, but at this rate... I could do a sunrise a the beach if I know it's going to be a nice one.

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