Friday, March 14, 2008

Dinner out with Lisa and John

Today was a good day.... Connor woke us up at 6:45am, and with his usual call... "Maaaaaaaaaama... Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaama". He sleeps all night in this doggie blanket, which must be a 1000 degrees. After getting everyone downstairs we had our typical morning... an Omelet for mom and dad and bagels and sausage for the kids. I am going through a million dollars in cream cheese. As Lise got her morning brew, I went to work upstairs in my newly refurbished office. The day was very productive and as I finished up the babysitter arrived for a well needed break. My sister and her husband came up our way for a weekend away, and we thought a dinner out would be a nice getaway for us all. We had a great time and chatted about all sorts of things, from work to kids and family. I wish I had some enthralling story about a sudden epiphany or important news from the clan in NJ, but it was just a great night with family. Being that they live so far from here, these kinds of nights are scarce for us.
At the end of the night... Lisa and John sandbagged us with presents from NJ. Lise commented that the boys had "hit the mother-load" with baskets that included fun motorcycles which I'm sure will be whipping around my house in short order. I'm sure they'll love it.. Thanks guys!

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Em & Tim said...

forget the motorcycles - where'd Lise get that super cute coat???