Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Cleansing

It's been a day of cleaning and general running about. Ryan and Connor towed the line most of the day, except for an exchange of slaps in the face, which lost the boys power ranger privileges for the week. I know it sounds weird, but it got my point across. The highlight of the day was a party this evening at 7pm. Our neighbors have an annual St. Patrick's Day party (albeit late this year). The amazing part was we were a little early and ready to go. Our neighbor's daughter was to babysit, and she was a little late... so we hung out and no babysitter. I looked across the street.... no cars. "I bet we got the wrong week" I said. Lise stared at me over the fresh guacamole that she just finished. I looked. ... "ummmm... hope you like that guacamole" I said.

Out I go for Indian food... well, mostly because we hadn't prepared anything that didn't go with chips alone. I logged my journey back from the store, to play with my time lapse photo feature on the (still) new (to me) toy. :)

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