Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So Easter is coming and therefore the Easter bunny is on his way. Ryan has been reading a story about the Easter "ribbit", about a frog who helps the Easter bunny out. In the book the Easter bunny puts out a flyer for other bunnies to help, and misspells the word rabbit as ribbit and the frogs (who always wanted to be Easter bunnies) help out. The Mama rabbit puts makes Easter baskets and the Easter Ribbit delivers them. After giving Easter baskets to our cousins we in NJ this weekend, we ended up with two empty baskets back here and Ryan asked if they were for the mama rabbit to fill in. Lise wasn't sure if Easter was blown, but avoided the subject a bit and when she told me I kinda put the two together.
It's cute to see the excitement in his eyes... he knows something fun is going to happen and can't wait for the event to reveal itself. This year, he remembers Easter being fun, but hasn't a clue what will occur. It's been an interesting time. I remember being his age and know he will remember these days as special, so Lise and I have invested some time into the whole experience. This morning we talked about a little surprise for Easter morning. If we do it, I'll have pictures, so you'll have to wait to hear it. Let's just say, its great to be 4 going on 5.

My friend Carla mentioned to me today that it's about time for another superhero comic like the last one she did. I am hoping to dig up a few different pictures of the boys wresting and some being friends in this next episode. :) Sort of a resolution to the first set of slides. Although, I'll need to get one of Connor in that Spiderman mask he had on last time. Maybe the Easter Bunny will show his face in light of the upcoming season who knows?
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