Sunday, March 9, 2008

Out of Steam

The kids are beat, tired and otherwise unhappy after a day of running around and traveling back from NJ. We decided this would be the right time to go to Walmart and pick up a rug for the office. Childhood is so difficult.
Ryan was miserable and Connor needed Sleep in the worst way, but after a quick daylight savings time inflamed nap, we headed out for supplies. We got a rug and went food shopping for the week, and then back home, unloaded and took 2 exhausted children and 2 crabby parents to the "Log Cabin" in Clinton. This place, if you haven't been, runs kinda like this... they bring huge portions of food until you feel like your sides are about to split...then your entree shows up. I will certainly bring the boys in their teen years to feed on the beneficial supply of "mass quantities". Every time I walk in this place, I worry I might have walked into some food servicing place that fattens up unsuspecting customers and serves the ones that short the waitress her well deserved tip.
After a generous tip, We took the boys home and Connor asked to go "ni-night", and I put Ryan down a few minutes later after taking some pictures outside to quiet him down while Connor passed out. After a day of traveling from NJ, installing a chandler and new office rug, shopping for the week, eating out and crabby kids, Lise and I took showers and passed out. Actually, Lise passed out, and I finished 2 old Blog entries that needed publishing, and cleaned up my computer's desktop, but non-the-less, I was out by 10. Snoring by 10:01.

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Mike G (moobier) said...

Apparently I was out by 11:01... I guess I was victom of Daylight Savings Time.