Saturday, March 8, 2008

Aliyah's Birthday

Saturday we got up at 6:30am and prepared for Aliyah's birthday party. It was nice to wake up after listening to the rain outside and not have to drive down in the early morning. After our leisurely breakfast, the day started ramping up. Cake deliveries, pre-party prep and Chef Ryan began to kick in to high gear. Ryan made us all breakfast with the help of his student (grandma) and we gulped down pancakes and eggs and waffles. After a scrumptious meal we all took off in different directions to get ready for the party and headed off to a great time with Patti and Anthony and their entire extended family. It was nice seeing everyone and I think the kids had a heck of a time. Ryan and Connor played well with everyone and passed out on the ride home. I think they had too much fun (if that's possible)...

Aliyah's B-Day
After we got home, we broke out Cake for Grandma, and prepared for yet another celebration when the power went out?? It was funny listening to the din of children playing, running, sometimes screaming out in glee, cut short by the surprise darkness. There were no cries, but the kids were frozen in place by the sudden darkness. The lights stayed out for the duration of the party and grandma and the family enjoyed a fun night by candle-light. It was a birthday party, I'm sure she wont soon forget. The power found it's way back to us around 8pm (just after bed time) and tea lights were extinguished and we enjoyed a little TV. I passed out quickly as all the driving and child-wrangling finally caught up to me. Before I passed out, I noted an orchid my parents were growing and snapped a few shots. I guess flowers have become a theme with me. They are easy to shot and come out really nice.

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