Saturday, March 1, 2008

Macho Man vs. Jake the Snake

Lise's Mom and Dad used to watch professional wrestling all the time. While this was before my time, it is a hoot listening to Marie talk about the same wrestling heroes of my youth as if they were still on TV. Lise told me that after her father's heart attack, her mother would make him sit in the other room and narrate what was going on in the ring so he could enjoy it, but not suffer another heart attack. So it's very understandable that Ryan and Connor dress up and wrestle in the living room just about every night.

It reminds me of puppies gnawing on each other and then running back to Mama, only one of them is almost always dressed like a superhero of some sort. Last night, somewhere in the middle of watching Milo and Otis, the ruckus began. I knew I was in for trouble, when Connor showed up and asked me to dress him like "Spidamhan". The first blow was a sudden attack from below when Spiderman spied one of his arch enemies and decided on a preemptive strike. Very quickly, his enemy was dispatched and Spiderman and his villain brother went to bed.

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