Thursday, March 20, 2008

Out with(out) the Kids!

Last night I went out with the local troublemakers. I don't often get a chance to spend quality with my workmates, when not running some sort of emergency drill, so it's nice to visit over a glass of wine. I got home pretty late for me, and Lise was shot. The kids have been a wee bit high maintenance these days, and Ryan has been acting out a bit. I could tell that Lise was beat when I arrived, as the garbage bin was still at the curb, and she usually gets that if she has the time... but when I found the keys in the door, I knew it had been a tough day. Four seems pretty easy from here, but it's his first time being four, so I guess it's about as hard as being 36 is to me. I certain someone 30 years my senior would tell me that I have it easy, etc etc...
I was remiss last night... I'll have another post around 9 tonight.... while we watch "Lost".

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