Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quebec City

We had a great time in Quebec City visiting Lise's cousin Claude. His wife Louise greeted us at the door with gifts for the kids and huge hugs and kisses for everyone. Dominic also join us and worked as a bit of an interpreter for the group while we waited for Claude to arrive. The kids wasted no time diving in to their goody baskets as we sat down and had a terrific lunch. Once we caught our breath, we spent the rest of the afternoon on a whirlwind visit to Quebec city. We took the long way in... by Ferry across the St. Lawrence river. As we crossed the river, Claude put some perspective around what we were seeing, with information on the geography and some history of the city. He also pointed out the one of the ferries passing us (the Louis Jolliet) was a ferry he rode regularly as a child, when there was no bridge in Trois Rivieres. When I showed this to Marie and Denise, she said... "Hey, that's the Ferry in Trois Rivieres" before I could tell her it was in Quebec City.

We had a fantastic time on our tour of the city and when the kids ran out of fuel, we headed back to the house for an absolutely wonderful meal. After dinner we were joined by Adriane (Claude's daughter) who Ryan immediately had a crush on. (I'm going to hate Ryan's teens). Early the next morning, we met the family downstairs and shared a breakfast together (the kids still ate Lucky Charms) and then we took them to the Aquarium. They needed something just for them. After seeing the animals and getting out picture taken with a a guy in a walrus costume (Ryan wasn't so sure about THIS dude), we had a lovely picnic with Louise and headed back to Three Rivers for a night before we left for home.

Click here for the rest of Quebec City

In Trois Rivieres, we had another great meal with Celene, this time at a restaurant. I think we all enjoyed the meal very much and fell asleep pretty quickly after we arrived home. We left the next day... there were some muffled tears but we promised to see each other soon, and headed out to the highway at 9:00AM

We stopped in Vt for a lunch break and once again in Northampton Ma to see my uncles, but because of extenuating circumstances, we didn't meet up. We'll be by again though. With our stops, it took us until 7:00PM to get home. Ryan and Connor told me they were "not tired".. however, I know two boys who fell asleep before I left the room. :)


Anthony and Karen said...

I really enjoyed the pictures of Quebec. It is such a marvelous city. How nice to be able to have someone tell you the history as well. Is the picture of the church significant - a family church for example?

Thanks for a great blog! Mom

Em & Tim said...

GReat pics! Sounds like you had a great journey - far more then a trip or your average vacation. Glad you guys had a grat time!