Saturday, August 9, 2008


Last night we arrived in Canada. All is well (except for sharing a room with Ryan) and we are enjoying our time with our first hosts of the trip very much. Francine and Jacques have been so wonderful to us. We are here on Sat & Sunday. On Sunday we leave to see Lise's cousin Celine.

I will post some pictures if we have some time tonight.

On the way up, we stopped at a Truck Stop called Betty Beaver's Truck Stop.

The food was wonderful, but the sign had some strange hold on me and Ryan. To this day I dont know why. :)

As I said we arrived after about 8 hours of traveling and about 6 hours of actual driving... the border was an hour and so was lunch.)

Ryan and Connor were a bit crunchy when we arrived, but ice cream soothed everything. :)

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Meike said...

Boys will be boys... Don't tell me the sign even has illumination to highlight the part that had such a myterious hold on you and Ryan ;) Well, enjoy the trip and bon voyage!