Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Canada's House

On Friday when we arrived in Canada, we waited at the border for about an hour. During our wait in line, Connor kept asking the same thing over and over again, but it was hard to figure it out. Finally I heard him loud and clear saying ¨Are we at Canada's house yet?¨ Since then, he has asked if we're at Canada's house yet another dozen times and when we visited Gigi's home town... he changed his montra to ¨Are we going to visit Gigi?¨

Yesterday we visited with Lise's cousin Pierré who lives in his mother's home in Trois Riviéres. He was a wonderful host for a man who was about to go to the hospital for a CAT scan. From there we had a little walking tour of the old city (Vieux-Trois Riviéres). It's a beautiful place and a great mix of old and new. During our walking tour of the city, we stopped at the Cathedral in the center of town. This is the church where some of Lise's relatives have been married, but it is a place where my family also attended and my great-great-great-grandparents on my Mom's side were married in this church. (weird, huh?) Below you'll find some of the pictures for our walk about, as well as the pictures of our evening meal on our arrival.
Trois Riviéres

Today, we went to Ste-Cécile, where Lise's Mom was born and rasied and her grandfather Despres also resided. We stopped and took pictures of the Despres house, and then the first house Marie-Paul's family owned. It was run down, but gave us an idea of where she lived. Down the road, we stopped again in front of the infamous family farm that I had heard so much about from Marie. It was in great condition and Céline explained that the fields across the street were once all attached to the farm house. We turned around and Céline pointed out the Garage that was once a blacksmith that her Uncle Charles owned. Charles was handy (much like Lise's sister, Louise) and changed to a garage once enough vehicles began breaking down. After our drive we stopped for some pizza and visited some goats in a roadside farm. Connor loved it and Ryan was in spirits.

Now we are getting ready for yet ANOTHER great meal. I'm going to pack up here and get my dinner.


Anthony and Karen said...

I have to tell you, I love the wonder of computers and being able to see where you are visiting!! It has to be a great experience to visit Marie's childhood homes and to have an opportunity to learn more about her life and stories. If you have a tape recorder, or your cell phone, it would be great to record her relatives talking to her. I hope someday, I can go to Canada's House...maybe...if I am very well behaved... Love you all, Mom

Anthony and Karen said...

Mike...quick question...did you mean grandfather Gervais or Despres? I was confused. Love, Mom

Mike G (moobier) said...

grandpa Despres