Monday, August 11, 2008

Canada Day 2 and 3

We had a great day yesterday with Francine and Jacques. We visited old Montréal and had a lovely lunch at an outdoor eatery in the historic section of town. After a good walk to clear our heads, we came back to the house and the boys and I went to the local park. Ryan had a great time, but Connor was completely out of steam.
When we got home, I had to keep him up through dinner, and he and Ryan slept like the dead. :) (and then we were able to as well). We had a fantastic dinner, as Francine is a great cook and got ready fo the next day when we met with the rest of Francine's family. Daniél and Lyné and Michel with Suzanné came and we had a great time. Lise practiced her French the whole time, to prepair for us to got to see Céline, as her family speaks more French then English.

When we arrived at Celine's house, we were met at the driveway with such love. It is wonderful to see Lise with her family. They love her so much and they are so accepting of her children and husband who can only speak enough french to embarass her. :)

I've posted some photos and will do my best to put the names in. I am writing on a french keyboard, so I might have to fix the spelling later... Or at least, that's my excuse this time.

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Anthony and Karen said...

It made me so happy to see Lise with her family, Michael! It is so great to think of all of you getting together and I am excited to hear all of your adventures! The pictures were great!! Love, Mom